Matsesgården Stigsbo & Korda Art in Motion

Matsesgården Stigsbo & Korda Art in Motion

Welcome to the beautiful and expressive Matsesgården! A home for contemporary dance, artworks, music, videography and much more. Located 5 km east of Stjärnsund, on the popular passage of Dalarnas most visited cultural hotspots and natural stunning landscapes, visitors of Matsegården are invited to “ A Magical Place ” as stated by art curator Ann Dumas (Royal Academy of Arts, England).



Matsegården Stigsbo is a cultural centre where you can experience artistic works and performances. The Summer program includes an exhibition in Gallery Klingbyggningen and contemporary dance performances, outdoors in the beautiful garden.

Opening hours & Important dates :
Vernissage : 3 July, 1pm.
Art Exhibition duration : 3rd July - 28th of August 2022.
Opening Hours : Wednesday - Sunday 1pm - 4pm.
Dates and Tickets for the summer dance performances - available soon.

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