A round stone with a hole in the middle is located in the moss.

Kvarnstensbrottet 4.5 km

A 1,7 km long millstone quarry, dating back to the 9th century. At Kvarnstensbrottet in Utsjö you will find one of the largest millstone quarried in Sweden. Millstone offense is a nice destination that is located 3 km from Malungs center. This is one of the biggest millstone quarries in Sweden. Millestones have been quarried here for several hundred year. it is reckoned that at least 30,000 pairs of millstones were quarried here until the end of the 19th century. The quarry is mentioned for the first time in written sources on a map from 1677/78. From the 18th centur y we also have several accounts of visits to the quarry. The great naturalist Linnaeus was in Malung on7 August 1734.



Length: 4.5 km.

Trail Description:
According to an old tradition, the quarry is divided into the Old Mountain and the new Mountain. The whole quarry is about 1700 m long and 50 to 170 m wide.
Conditions for quarrying are excellent here. The quarry is in an area with sedimentary bedrock close an adjacent area of granite bedrock. The sedimentary rock in this spot consists of Dalarna sandstone, an easily cloven sandstone with grains of clear quartz up to 4 mm large. The millstones were self-sharpening, which was a great advantage since it meant that it was not necessary to dress the grinding surface at regular intervals.
Millstones were needed for all the mills that existed on the rivers and other watercourses where there were falls. The mills ground grain into flour for use in cooking.
Millstones were needed for all the mills that existed on the rivers and other wathercourses where there were falls . A new road is laid out that makes it easy to get there by car. The area has parking, trails, information signs.