Adults and children in a canoe.

Tour suggestions canoe: Vansbro - Björbo 34km

In Vansbro municipality, there are many fine water for paddling.



The trail begins at the Cape in Vansbro where Vanån and Västerdalälven flow together. Paddle downstream past the Parkhallen and on towards Skifsön. Turn right on the island, until a suitable lifting location on the right side of the river. Then go out on the road and turn left towards Uppsälje. Follow the road for about 1.5 km to a suitable place to lay in the canoe, for example, before the outlet box in the river. Paddle the left Storön. The first rapids are it normal water in but watch out for the rocks just below the water surface. Try out fishing around Storön. Do not forget fishing license! After that it's calm for a while before it comes two rapids that must carry the canoe over.

Then follows once calm water right down to Bässarbron, where you should select the right rapids. After this, it is calm water until you get to two rapids of which the first right is the one you should take. At the rapids below the suspension bridge are advised to carry the canoe. After that, it's calm water down to Gullgrådan. There, you have to follow the left edge of the river to avoid the larger stones. Through NAS is it then calm water. 300 meters after the bridge on the left side is Nås camping where you can stop for an ice cream in the sunshine. Just before Kvarnholen on the right side has Bynoret its outlet (See K: 5). At left on Kvarnholen follow the river channel to the left of the island.

Carry the canoe on the left and carry the canoe up on the dirt road, out on the highway. When you get out on the highway, go to the right. Walk down the gravel road to the right at the railway crossing. If you wish to camp, there is a nice campsite at Utanhedsforsen. Then there is the calm water down to Drafsforsen where you are advised to carry the canoe because a lot of stones. This is a very small rapids. Quiet water follows down to Kärringforsen. There, take it up the canoe at the appropriate place on the left side. The steep älvsläntarna makes it a little difficult to pick up the canoe. Follow the gravel road past the rapids and paddle then calm down to the rest area on the left side. NOTE The stretch between Vansbro and Dala-Järna can be hard to paddel for beginners. Find information on water! Occasionally two-day trip. Trolley recommend


The trail begins in Vansbro where Vanån and Västerdalälven flows together.