A hiker walking up a mountain path

Städjan's Peak 6 km

  • Visiting address: Gränjesåsvallen, 790 91 Idre

A definitive must for all visitors in the area - a nice mountrain hike upon the most famous peak in Dalecarlia. Over 1131 m asl.



Length: 6 km.
Trail marking: There are signs.
Difficulty: Moderate half-day trip.
Starting point and route description: From Gränjesåsvallen, follow the marked trail through primeval forest. After about 1 km, a clear path turns off to the right. Follow this up on the mountain and the top via the ridge from the south. Prepare for a strong incline
but once you get to the top you will get to enjoy the wonderful views!

When you decide to hike back, take the path on the Städjans western slope down to the check marked trail, follow this and you will end down where you veered off into the summer trail.