Cross country skiier in a red jacket with a ski sled.

Sörskog 1,5 - 18 km

In Sörskog, north of Bjursås, you can find good cross-country tracks in “wilderness” nature. When the snow is lacking in other regions, there is usually good amounts of snow here in the higher grounds.



Length: 1,5 - 18 km.

Difficulty: The tracks are color-coded by difficulty, see track map via link for further information.

Starting point: On the opposite side of the road from the parking lot.

Track Description:
The prepared ski tracks are 2,5 km, 13 km and 18 km. There is also a pulka track of 4 km. All tracks go through beautiful nature in a wilderness type of forest, which is unique so close to the cities Falun, Leksand and Rättvik. The tracks go over moors, through old farmlands and forests.
By the parking lot in Sörskog there is a warming room with bathroom, shower and dressing rooms, and a place to wax and prepare cross-country skis. These facilities are available for everyone.

Keep in mind that the tracks are affected by weather conditions, so please check the status of the tracks before you go skiing.