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Zorns gammelgård och textilkammare

  • Price information: Adults 50 SEK Children 50 SEK
  • Phone: +46 0250-59 23 10
  • Website: www.zorn.se
  • Email: info@zorn.se
  • Visiting address: Yvradsvägen 3 Postal Address: 792 36 Mora
  • Hours: Every day 15th of June - 15th of August 11-17.

One kilometer from the Zorn Museum in central Mora is Zorn's old farm situated. One of Sweden's finest collections of older timber houses, including the oldest in the country from 1237. In Textilkammaren, Anders and Emma Zorn's collection of beautiful textiles and folk costumes from Siljansbygden, the oldest from the 18th century, is shown.

Faciliteter och service

  • Children/Family
  • Summer