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Västerselsleden - Hiking trail, Öje

Start at Östra Öjen in Öje. Follow the footpath eastward 1 km and turn to the left on Norbergsvägen that leads to Venjan, the sign is saying Norberget. After 3 km you will find a sign to the left saying Västerselen. Follow the trail all the way until you reach the end. Easy walking in mixed forests; at the end the trail follows the beautiful river Ogströmmen. You cross the river on a hanging bridge and on the other side of the river there is a shelter with a fireplace. From here you can also continue to Öjslyberget and Lybergsgnupen. At Västerselen, car or walk back to Öje, about 9 km. Length 6 - 9 km. Time 4 hours.


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