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Väsman Winter Arena

When the winter has come and the ice is strong enough two tracks will be plowed, a shorter track that fits for walking and a 14 km one that fits for skating.



Lunchtrack 2 km: This track is suitable for walking where half of the track is on ice and the other half is on land. On the ice part there will be left a little bit of snow so it's not too slippery.

Main track 14 km: The main tack has three staring points but goes mainly between Ludvika marina and Brunnsvik. There's also a possibility to start in Sörvik.
At these starting points there will be information signs with directions.
In the middle of the track there will be a 1 km trail around Bärholmarna.
When the ice allows there will be a track up to Norrvik and possibly to Dröverksudden.

In the middle of the lake is the island Sollen where you can take a break from skating.

Remember that this is lake ice so don't forget ice-prods and other important equipment.

Responsible for maintaining the paths is Väsman Vinter Arena.

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