CBIS 239382
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Väsa 203

Cottage with a simple standard for summer use, 4 beds. Located in Väsa, about 5 km south of Älvdalen.


The cottage has a kitchenette with 2 cooking plates, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. No running water in the house. Living room with kitchenette and dining area. 1 Bedroom with 2 bunk beds. Outhouse and access to shower in agreement with the host. Personal watercraft that are shared with other cottages and possible to rent canoes and Grillhouse. Location: On the ground with several houses, about 100m to the lake.

Pets are not allowed.

NOTE! For safety reasons, it is not allowed to charge electric cars / charge hybrid cars at the cottage.

Faciliteter och service

  • Access to boat
  • Pets prohibited
  • Close to lake