Nature reserve in a deep valley with rich flora and a historical legends about trolls.


The reserve was set aside in 1978, mainly to preserve it, from a morphological point of view, valuable downfall and the rich flora of the area. Some of the rare plants that can be found in the Troll Valley are spring herb, dwarf herb, hazelnut and snow lovers. Here are marked hiking trails, resting places and slogs to rest at.

Take the family out on a troll search! The nature reserve undeniably meets the world of nature and fairy tale. Probably you will not see any trolls, they are shy of both daylight and people, but still they do not feel like an impossible thought. Go into any of the old meadows, here is good documentation that teaches you more about vegetation in the reserve and the exciting tales that nature inspired. A hiking trail in the reserve passes Trollbäcken and in the eastern mountain slope there is a stone arch which goes by the name Trollkirkkan and a little higher up is "Ättestupan".

The reserve is not allowed to ...

- make fire other than at designated places,
- set up a trailer or trailer,
- tent,
- enter the vault at the Troll Church,
- bring unattached dog,
- picking flowers, grass, mosses and lichens,
- provide orientation checks,
- in front of a motor vehicle,
- ride.

Faciliteter och service

  • Winter
  • Children/Family
  • Fall Holiday
  • Winter holiday
  • Summer