Teknik- och geologimuseum i Sågen

  • Phone: +46 0281-500 89
  • Website:
  • Visiting address: Sågen 2 , 78050 Vansbro
  • Hours: Saturdays and Sundays: June 26th - July 31st, 3 pm - 6 pm.

    Groups of minimum 5 persons can be booked from April to September

The local heritage society in Sågen has opened its new museum of engineering, which can now be shown to the general public. The collections include many objects that have been designed and built locally, objects that all have a genuine history to tell to visitors with an interest in technology.


Aeroplanes, tractors, machines, tools, and much more have been saved so that coming generations will be able to share this cultural heritage. Several of the objects are well known far outside the municipality, as they have been written about in magazines and books.
Sågen also has a well-known geological museum that is displaying different rocks and minerals from all over the world. There is a fine collection of minerals from this geologically interesting part of Finnmarken. You can also see the tools used in prospecting for ore.