CBIS 5966242

Tandådalen- Närfjällstugan- Orrliden (S-Närfjället)

Length: approx, 15 km Difficulty rating: Red Time: approx 5 hours. Start this trail, whick is marked with yellow crosses, at Myrflodammen.



On beginning, the trail crosses several small bogs where there are plank walkways. It continues through the valley between Stor-Näsfjället and Lägerdalsfjället. After some 3,5 km, you arrive at the Kruggbäckdalen valley, whick is very rocky in several places. Here, you have to cross a couple of rock mounds that have large boulders. . It is useful to have two cars for this walk. Park one here on Orrlidsvägen and then drive the other to Myrflodammen and the start of the trail.

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