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Snowmobile Experiences

  • Email: info@visitidre.se
  • Visiting address: Framgårdsvägen 1 Postal Address: 790 91 Idre

Over 2570 km tracked leads, which in total would take at least 10 days to get you through. Have a nice long ride!



Northern Dalarna is one of the best opportunities for snowmobiling, come here if you want to go long trip, short trip, course or try the snowmobile. Close, comfortable and at home.

This is a great way to see nature in winter, which otherwise might give you more sweat, blood and tears if you're not used cross-country skier. Here you can experience it instead of something that would take you days, so at least now a few hours. An opportunity to discover so much more of Dalarna's beautiful natural spectacles in the winter, which is a rare luxury!

Snowmobiling is an experience of motorsport. The tracks in Northern Dalarna join Härjedalen and up towards Jämtland, yes, all the way up to Abisko, Riksgränsen and Karesuando in the north. Whether you have your own snowmobile or to rent, there are opportunities. Snowmobile traffic is regulated by two pay managed areas, Nordic Area & SOND, use the trails and pay the leadfee. It is easy to visit the tourist offices that can also help you with suggestions of trails and information!

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