Skinnarbadet, Malung
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"Skinnarbadet" is the bath in Malung, and a place where you can do lots of things. Swim or play in one of our two swimming pools, work out in our gym or why not sit down in a relaxed sauna.



With our two pools, it is easy to choose the place where you like it the best.
A little smaller and shallower swimming pool for the little ones and a larger swimming pool that is divided. On one half is the exercise-swim and on the second you can play and jump trampoline.
For those who want to practice, you are welcome down in our gym. In the changing rooms, there is a respective relaxed and cozy sauna.

Faciliteter och service

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Children/Family


Five minutes from the centre of Malung, you can find "Skinnarbadet", next to a school.