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Sälen Dog & Activity, Sälen

"Another part of Sälen .." Here you experience the silence behind the dogs, the sound of their breathing as they move forward in the wilderness.



On the longer tours, you drive after snowmobile trails that stretch over miles of marshlands, where you rarely meet other people but get a completely unique experience. It is only you and your friends who have booked to participate in the tour with the guide and the dogs. When booking we will agree on which place you meet at, usually the tours start from Kläppen or on the snowmobile trail at Vasaloppet's Smågan control.

As the guests usually say, "This is for real! No running tape." - We also welcome you with special needs as the guide is a trained educator with previous work experience in the field.

The support dog camp Tuesday and Saturday 10 am-16 pm. A short ride on our own trail at Stöten Dogcamp.
Booking by Stötens reception 0280-75 000.

Faciliteter och service

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