Salen Aquarium

Stream aquarium with trout, char etc., a * Nordic Wilderness exhibition of Nature photographer Bo Fritzén, Imago and conservator Ove Lundström, Ove's trophy studio and souvenir shop & kiosk. Now you can also book Björnexkursion with guide.



Experience Västerdalälven from mountain to sea. In a unique stream aquarium you will experience our beautiful salmon fish in the fantastic water environment of the Västerdalälven river. Here you meet trout, char, brook trout and rainbow trout in natural environments.

At Sälenakvariet you also get an exciting meeting with our Nordic fauna and wilderness. In a unique exhibition by nature photographer Bo Fritzén and conservator Ove Lundström, you will experience a close encounter with our large predators. Bo Fritzén works as a professional photographer with the company image. His amazing animal and nature images leave no one untouched. The conservator Ove Lundström with the company Oves Trofé Ateljé is one of our foremost conservators in Sweden. At Swedish game fair 2012 he won the SM and the audience's prize with a very beautiful montage of the beautiful Lynx..
Ove's ability to make live montage of large predators is industry setting.
Together in a unique exhibition on "Nordic wilderness" at Sälenakvariet, they give the visitor a memorable experience.
You can also go on a Bear excursion with a guided tour in our Nordic Wilderness.
The tour must be pre-booked!

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