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Rotensugnet - Hiking Trail

  • Hours: Rotensugnet is located within Älvdalen's firing range, check that the firing range is open to the public before going here. Phone number: Information on activities can be obtained on telephone number +46 70 23 77 667 / billing +354 0500-465 000

Here you can see Rällan, which flows into a deep cut ravine, a timber chute and the waterfall of Ålåsbäck.



Here you can see Rällan which flows into a deep cut ravine, a timber chute and the waterfall of Ålåsbäcken. The path is well visible except directly after the wooden bridge at the beginning of the trail, where you turn left. At the bridge and the pallet hut there is a barbecue area.

Length of the trail : about 3km
Markings : The trail is marked in orange.
Map : Norstedts Swedish series 86 Särna.

This hiking trail is located in the Rotensugnet Nature Reserve and here it is not allowed to:
- Make impact on soil or geological objects,
- Damage to growing or dead - standing or lying - trees and shrubs,
- Pick or dig up flowers, mosses, lichens and wood fungi,
- Make a fire in a place other than designated,
- Implant for the alien plant or animal species,
- Drive the motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be done in connection with rescue operations,
- Disturb wildlife by climbing in fine trees or consciously staying closer to the bird of prey, lazy or pot than 100 meters,
- bring unleashed dogs.

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From Älvdalen center: Drive RV70 towards Särna. Turn right in Rot towards Sveg. Turn left towards Sveg. Turn left towards Navardalen across the bridge at Jöllen. Follow the road until there is a sign to the right towards the Root Oven. Follow the road to Rotensugnet and turn right towards Trollbäcken. After a couple of hundred meters you come to the Rotensugnet Nature Reserve.

It's about 40km from the center of Älvdalen to Rotensugnet.