CBIS 909575
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Nature reserve & Natura 2000 area.


With large areas of natural forest and Rotälven and Rällan flowing through the nature reserve its formed this deep canyonlike fissures that form a beautiful waterfall before the confluence. Natural forests have been ravaged by forest fires over the years. In 2005 the old shed burnt down and a new one was made. It is possible to walk in the area and see the old dammwall with sluice gates that once made ​​it possible to transport the timber past the waterfall on the floating pipe.
To get a good view, just follow the path below Rotensugnet and cross Rällån via footbridge and follow uphill Älåsen. The trail is about 3 km.

Within the reserve it is not allowed to ...
- Do damage to the soil or geological objects
- damage living or dead
- standing or fallen
- trees and bushes
- pick or dig up flowers, mosses, lichens and wood fungi / mushrooms
- fire on anything other than the designated spot
- implantation of the area alien plant - or species
- drive a motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be made in connection with rescue operations.
- disturb wildlife such as by climbing the nest trees or knowingly reside closer to a prediatorial birdnest, den or burrow than 100 meters
- bring unleashed dogs.

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