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Romboleden Evertsberg - Korskälla

The Rombo trail is a pilgrimage from the middle age, it goes from Mälardalen to Trondheim, Norway. About 40 kilometers goes through Älvdalen.



Trail markings: The pilgrimage trail mark
Map: Norstedts Sverigeserien blad 81 Sälen, 86 Särna och 82 Mora.

Suggestions for day tours:
Evertsberg - Älvdalen 15km
Here you can see the chapel in Evertsberg and the church in Älvdalen.
Älvdalen - Rännkölen 20 km
Blue level, medium
Here you can see the Nässjön lake and the ancient monument "The Monk Rock".

Rännkölen - Svartbergs fäbodar 15 km

Svartbergs fäbodar - Korskälla 18.8 km
After Svartberg, about 2 km on the trail, you can seeBalzerjungfrun.

The last part of the trail (Svartberg-Korskälla) is located in Älvdalen's military excercise field. Be sure to check that there is no shooting exercise there before you go. See information at: www.forsvarsmakten.se or call 070-23 77 667.

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