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A reindeer herders life now and then

Hike together with our reindeer's to our tipi. There we sit on reindeer skins around the fire, make coffee over the fire and talk about how the reindeer husbandry has changed over the years. You are also served Sami "fika".



4-10 persons.

Renbiten is a family business that combines reindeer herding, producing of our own meat, shop with a café and various guided arrangements. We offer the opportunity to experience sámi culture year around, both short day trips and multi-day tours at the mountains. We also offer accommodation in apartment, cabins at the mountain and in tipis. Our tamed reindeer always hiking with us.

Booking at latest 16.00 hour the day before. A minimum number of people per booking is 4 people

Faciliteter och service

  • Children/Family
  • Winter


We start from the shop Renbiten, in the middle of Storsätern, Grövelsjön.
Storsätern is about 35 km north of Idre towards Grövelsjön.

Contacts: +46 (0)253-23330