A path in the forest surrounded by trees.

Pilgrimsleden - Hiking Trail

The trail is marked out from Hedemora church. Hiking trail about 125 kilometers. Walk the Pilgrim Trail in wonderful nature. 6 stages, about 12 km-25 km. The trail passes all of Hedemora's 7 churches and a monastery ruin. Light / medium terrain along old forest paths and country roads. Tip! You can start in Hedemora by the church or in one of the other places.



Tour suggestions:
Stage 1: Hedemora-Garpenberg, about 25 kilometers.
Hedemora church-Nibble-Grådö-Rensbo-Pålsbenning-Garpenberg

Stage 2: Garpenberg-Stjärnsund, about 20 kilometers.
Garpenberg-Kloster-Drottning Kristina's road-Stjärnsund.

Stage 3: Stjärnsund-Husby, about 20 kilometers.
Stjärnsund-Rörshyttan-Lången-Långshyttan-Kyrkberget-Smedby / Husby.

Stage 4: Husby-Vikmanshyttan, about 26 kilometers.

Stage 5: Vikmanshyttan-Norn, about 12 kilometers.

Stage 6: Norn-Hedemora, about 22 kilometers.

The Church of Sweden, Hedemora-Husby-Garpenberg parish, regularly arranges walks of various lengths. Annual weekly hikes with all day stages are usually arranged in the first part of August.

It is perfectly possible to walk the trail on your own. Opportunities for accommodation and food are available in most places that are passed. Do not forget your backpack and water bottle!

Guide map is available for purchase at Pastorsexpeditionen, S: t Paulusgården, Kyrkogatan 20, Hedemora.