CBIS 5063105

Paradparken - Leksand

  • Visiting address: Rättviksvägen , 793 31 Leksand

A small park in central Leksand with sculptures, benches and flowerbeds. The park was designed with the intent to have areas dedicated to the sculptures as well as having plenty of flowers.


The parks name comes from the name historically used for the place, Paradplatsen. Amalia Carlsson bought the area and set up a outdoor dance floor. People who did not wear the traditional folk costumes had to pay to get in while those who wore the folk costumes got in for free.

The park was crated in 2007, and in 2009 a fountain and benches were added.

The sculptures were made in Orsa by two different artists. There are signs by each sculpture in the park which tells who the artist is.