Road cycling at Säfsen Resort

Many people have discovered the joys of floating along smooth well-made asphalt roads, and from Säfsen Resort there are many opportunities for brilliant road riding!

Grön Laggenrundan, 42 km

An easy and relaxed tour for all cyclists itching for a ride.

The tour starts from “Hyttan”, down through Fredriksberg and continuing towards Tyfors, where you turn sharp left and cycle about 2 kilometers on road 26. Turn left at the sign for Älvsjöhyttan, and the road takes you down to Gustavsström along the lovely landscape of Laggen. After passing Gustavsström turn left at the sign towards Fredriksberg.

Blå Lindesnäs tur och retur, 54 km

This is a varied tour for all cyclists raring to go, starting at “Hyttan” just as all the other trails. Follow the walking and bike track down to Fredriksberg and after the school turn right towards Lindesnäs. The first village you pass is Håen where the landscape opens up with pastures on both sides of the road, brimming with the stone cairns typical for this part of Dalarna. This is the most beautiful part of the tour with magnificent varied natural surroundings. With one curve taking over as the previous curve finishes, it is no wonder that this stretch is widely known among motorcyclists across the country. Once in Lindesnäs it´s time to turn off the pace and return home.