Road cycling in Mora

Two good rides in genuine Dala countryside take you through beautiful landscape and with amazing views, passing a lot of beautiful villages around Lake Siljan.

Grön Solleröturen, 40 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: A beautiful and varied tour through the beautiful Dala villages of Vika, Ryssa, Gesunda and Sollerön. No big hills. A stop on Sollerön would be appropriate for those who take it a bit easier. If you want to add a big hill to the tour you could climb to Gesunda Skiresort and Tomteland and then take the cycle track back to Gesunda and rejoin the tour, having extended it by about 5 km.

Blå Orsasjön runt, SM-banan, 60 km

Home: Moraparken
Description: Parts of this route were once included in the Swedish Biking Championship and are also in the classic Sollerötour. The tour follows the blue trail around Lake Orsa to begin with, switching in Orsa to follow the more hilly stretches of road from Hansjö to Mora. The villages of Kallholen, Mickelvål, Stackmora, Slättberg, Oljonsbyn and Maggås are passed in Orsa and Risa and Bergkarlås in Mora.