Leisure cycling in Mora

There are two paths that are fairly easy for all bikers, the shorter one being a real family outing close to Österdalälven. The longer path runs around Lake Orsa, passing a large number of beautiful Dala villages with amazing scenery.

Grön Broarna runt, ca 14 km

The tour runs mainly on asphalt (80%) and gravel roads. Mora Parken-Hemus-Selja-Långlet-Östnor-Öna-Moraparken. Österdalälven is crossed after Långlet and the trail leads back toward the center of Mora. This is a very suitable tour for the whole family and a good way to get to know Mora and the villages along Österdalälven. The tour takes about two hours of relaxed cycling.

Blå Orsasjön runt, Siljansleden, ca 42 km

This beautiful trail that runs on asphalt roads around Lake Orsa is an easy path without any major climbs. The trail follows the Siljan trail signposts. You pass many beautiful Dala villages along the tour, for example, Ona, Östnor, Bonas, Våmhus, and Bäcka. After Orsa you bike through Lisselhed, Vångsgärde and Vattnäs, finishing in central Mora. It is a nice tour for 3-4 hours biking, taking it slowly and including stops for refreshments / food, possibly in Orsa.