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Dalarna loves holding big quality sports and other events. How about the world’s biggest cross-country ski race, the legendary Vasa Ski Race (Vasaloppet)? It is 90 km of blood, sweat and tears for some 12,000 hardy souls. It starts in Sälen and finishes in Mora and it’s a sight for sore eyes and a site for sore legs. There are seven shorter cross-country ski races in the same week as Vasa and around 50,000 skiers participate in them. Are you up for the challenge? 

The CykelVasan cycle race covers the same course as the Vasa Ski Race, but on two wheels. It’s become a mountain bike classic in Sweden and attracts some 12,000 riders.

Another huge event is the Vansbrosimningen. The small community of Vansbro in western Dalarna hosts one of the world’s biggest open water swimming events. Competitors swim a 3,000 metre course in the fast-flowing water of the Vanån and Västerdalälven rivers. This is a swimming challenge for elite swimmers… and the rest of us. 

If you prefer four-wheeled action then Classic Car Week in the town of Rättvik is perfectevent. It’s one week of classic cars on show, of course, as well as displays, races, hill climbs and a ‘demolition day’. 

Come to Dalarna to experience one of our big events, or why not come and participate in one?

In 2012 the one-millionth competitor since 1922 crossed the finishing line of the Vasa Ski Race in Mora. The Vasa Ski Race is the world's biggest, oldest and longest ski race. It attracts thousands of skiers on the first Sunday in March each year to compete over the 90 km-long course between Sälen and Mora. The Vasa Ski Race is one whole week of festivities, as well as seven other races, bundles of musical and other entertainment, an exhibition and a museum are on offer.  It is Dalarna’s biggest event of the year. Come and join the 50,000 skiers and as many ski fans in Sälen, Mora and out on the course for the world’s biggest cross-country ski race. 

Classic Car Week
This one is for motorheads, families and anyone who loves classic cars. At the end of July each year, thousands of fans gather by lake Siljan on the outskirts of the town of Rättvik to admire the gleaming procession of classic cars cruise by. For a whole week cars, motorbikes, mopeds, tractors and other vehicles take centre stage. There is a hill climb race, a ‘dressage’ event for four wheeled instead of four-legged participants, drive-in movies, a veteran car rally, music and entertainment. Vehicular fun for the entire family.

Svenska Skidspelen
Svenska Skidspelen in Falun is a popular festival with the emphasis on cross-country skiing. The elite skiers of the world gather here to compete for the prestigious podium places in the Cross-Country World Cup's exciting final. A large and enthusiastic crowd contributes to a fantastic atmosphere. The excitement is at fever pitch, and between the races fun activities are arranged for the audience, with competitions for children. Buy your tickets today and prepare yourself for three days that you will remember forever.

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