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Ludvika is part of the mining region of Dalarna and Bergslagen. People first settled here to mine copper, silver and especially iron ore. Many of the sights in Ludvika are part of Ecomuseum Bergslagen. Here, contemporary art and industrial history can be explored in an authentic setting. One excellent example is the well-preserved mining homestead of Ludvika Gammelgård, with its mining museum, mineral museum and summer café.

The surrounding countryside has extensive forests, mountains, valleys and more than 360 lakes. Finnmarken is the name given to the large forested areas populated by Forest Finns in the early 17th century. This was the birthplace of the poet and author Dan Andersson, whose story is told at the museum in Ludvika. Many of his poems describe the area’s natural beauty. A visit to the museum is the ideal way to begin a visit to Finnmarken, a pleasant area that is suitable for both walking and more adventurous pursuits.

Ludvika is surrounded by many quaint villages. Grängesberg traces its roots back to the 16th century and has many fascinating historical attractions, including GBBJ Railway Museum and the Auto Nostalgia Museum. Grängesberg’s Cassels Concert Hall is renowned for its fantastic acoustics, and the nearby Disponent Park features a herb garden and a garden café.

Summertime events in Ludvika include Knife Week, which pays tribute to the town’s high quality knife-making traditions, as well as Dan Andersson Week and music festivals.

Säfsen Resort offers recreation and adventure for all the family. During the summer months, there are challenging mountain bike trails, hiking, horse riding, canoeing, fishing and many other exciting activities. In the winter, there is a family-friendly alpine ski facility and excellent cross-country skiing trails.

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