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Mountain biking around Ljustern 11km

A fairly easy ride at either mountain bike or road bike. Here are you mostly on gravel road in beautiful nature and may take the opportunity to take a dip in Ljustern or stay and the barbeque at any barbecue place.



Around the lake there are several beaches to choose from. Ljustern Bath with sandy beach and an outdoor gym is beautifully situated next to Säters campground. On Skönvik area there is a small communal bathing and next Säters steam sawmill can swim in a small beach.

Ljustern is generously equipped with resting places for outdoor recreation. Levellers, shelters and barbecue places. Some bridges are wider and have fences, making them more accessible for the disabled. These bridges are also equipped with ladders. Bring your rod if you want to try to angle from any of the bridges. Buy fishing license at the tourist office or the campsite.

On the tour you can take the opportunity to test the driving range at Säters Golf Club. Or stop by Jönshyttan just west of the lake. There is a berth in the 1400's with traces of slag piles and foundations since the melted silver ore and prepared pig iron there.

The tour is suitable for children from 6 years and up.

In the small timber town Säter everything is close. In a few minutes you cycle from the lake Ljusterns beach through downtown shops and cafes on down to Säterdalen.

Bicycle can be rented at the Cycle & Motor Säter 0225-525 80th
Printed map of Ljustern and package with accommodation available from Visit Södra Dalarna, 0771-62 62 62nd