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  • Visiting address: Nyberget Postal Address: 78393 Stora Skedvi

Mörtaberget offers a wonderfully beautiful lookout over Dammsjön and Lower Klingen. It can also be a good idea to bring a picknick basket.


To Mörtaberg's viewing point you can hike, cycle, ride or ride quads.
The mountain is 235 meters above the ocean and offers a wonderful outlook.
Here there is a slogbod, and a barbecue area, several benches, a dass as well as a connecting place for horses.

You can park easily at the lake Dammsjöns parking lot in Nyberget and follow the sign up to approximately 600 meters.

Faciliteter och service

  • Children/Family
  • Horseback riding
  • Utsiktsplats
  • cykling2
  • hiking2