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Kringelkroken and Hälsostigen - Hiking trail, Malung

Length: about 6 km The Kringelkroken is a 1 km long illuminated and handicap-friendly hiking trail on the eastern shore of Västerdalälven, continuation of the Kringelkroken is Hälsostigen, a 5 km long path, which after the old railway track turns down towards the river bank again between the lakes Hallsjöviken and southern Mosjön.



The River beach consists of sandy sand that stretches all the way up to Valleråsänget, where the path turns off southwards and ends.
Since Hälsostigen goes through pastures with cows and horses, it is important that existing gates are closed after passage. Any dogs must be kept connected or under close supervision.
Kringelkroken, a path along the Västerdalälven, is now part of a project, called the Hälsostigen. This project was created by Rotary and has been carried out in collaboration with Malung-Sälen municipality. The whole path leads from the sign at the big bridge over the river to Vallerås, the opportunity to get off and on the path along the entire stretch.
The meaning of the term Healthy is obvious, one should be able to walk in beautiful nature in combination with having exercise at the same time.

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