Kotdalsleden med Lybergsgnupen, Malung

The trail Kotdalsleden starts at Öjslyberget and continues on an old trail to Malungslyberget. Take the left trail from Öjslyberget. On the plateau further up, there is a sign pointing north towards Gnupen. Follow the well-trod path through the nature reserve, over the wetlands, until you reach the trail that goes between Malungslyberget and Gnupen. Here you take to the right, following the trail to Gnupen. The top of Gnupen is 657 masl, the view is expansive, and in clear weather even the mountain Städjan, north of Idre, can be seen. From Lybergsgnupen with its steep slopes you have a magnificent view of the wilderness. Up on Gnupen there is a shelter with a fire place. In the nature reserve of Lybergsgnupen, there are many rare lichens, birds and plants to be found. The trail continues from Gnupen through the nature reserve. When you have descended from the mountain top, take the left path for a varied walk back to the starting point at Öjslyberget. The trail from Lybergets fäbodar and Öjslybergets to Lybergsgnupen is 2,5 km. From Öjslyberget you can also walk to Västerselen 6 km. and Lyån 4 km. Length. 6 km. Time 4 hours


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