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Kåres Väg - Hiking trail

Kåres Väg is a 20 kilometers long hiking trail between Torsång and Falun. This is one of the original routes that the inhabitants of Torsång took on their way to Tiskasjöberg to mine copper, at what later became Falu Copper Mine. The legend says that a goat with red horns (red due to it rooting about in "red dust") led the way to the discovery of the mine.



The road has been restored in a joint effort by the local heritage centres in Torsång and Aspeboda and the foundation Stiftelsen Kopparberget. Today it is a walking trail through an area with a wealth of cultural history dating from 9,000 years ago up to the present day.

About 40 signs along the trail provide information about sites that are interesting due to their cultural history. You can start at the parish hall (Församlingshemmet) in Torsång or at Falu Copper Mine.

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