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Hykjeberg - Hiking Trail

To get to Hykjeberget's peak and enjoy the view, there are two hiking trails to choose from.



2km round trip
This is the way most people choose to go. It is a 2km walk back and forth. The trail is well marked. It can be a lot of rocks and roots so you have to look up where you put your feet bit by bit.

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Find the parking where the trail begins:
From Älvdalen city center, drive RV70 towards Idre / Särna. Turn right towards Rot / Klitten. Follow the Klittenvägen road and pass the village of Klitten. Continue on the gravel road straight ahead. At the four-way junction, drive straight ahead. At Høge shed, keep left. The road ends and turns into a turnaround, park and the hiking trail begins to the right of the information board about Hykjeberget's nature reserve.