Historical hiking path - Hiking Trail

The Historical hiking path takes you through a real magic forest past a number of ancient remains.



The Historical hiking path is located in the Skinnarbodarna and you pass moss-covered spruce forest, calcareous forest and pine forest. The ancient remains are close to each other so keep an eye out for the blue signs as not everyone is directly next to the path.

For the first kilometer the markings are really clear and at the calving site it can be a bit difficult to see where to go so pay attention.

Length of the trail: about 2-3km
Markings: The trail is marked with yellow and yellow incisions.
Map: Unfortunately, the path is not excellent on any map.

Contact Rockdale.se (info@rockdale.se) to book guided tours at the Historical hiking path.

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From Älvdalen Centrum: Drive RV70 towards Mora for about 3.5km. Turn left towards Skinnarbodarna 6km. Follow the signs. Drive through the Skinnarbodarna. The ancient monument path begins at the end of the road.