Hamra National Park

Hamra National Park consists of forests, marshes and streams. The national park is 1383 hectares in size and the oldest part of the park from the 17th century is one of the few untouched forests in central Sweden. In old and dead trees many of the primeval animals and plants live.


At the main entrance begins the forest trail that runs through the entire old part of the national park where the forest is the oldest. From here you can hike around a marsh trail where you pass a fire field, among other things. From the main entrance you also reach a nice viewpoint via a wide ramp. From that place in the old forest you have a good view of the Swan Lake.

From this entrance you come to the watchtower where you have nice views of the marsh landscape. Here also bends the long marsh trail that runs through the realm of the eagles, cranes and white moss. From this entrance you can jump on the Hamraleden which runs across the park.

Take the Svartås Trail through old woods and walk on blank-cut stoves along a river. From the entrance you can walk the 10 km long road across the national park to the Main Entrance via the Hamraleden.

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