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Håltby Mountainfarm

Just 7 km from the center of Älvdalen towards Evertsberg you will find Håltby Mountain farm . The Mountain farm runs by Bertil Johansson and it has very exciting things to offer, like animals and self-produced products.


Fäbokullan Viktoria Törnqvist 's self-produced books on scalecow Tjärnas adventure you can buy in small farm shop where you will find Scandinavian folklore, crafts called "blind work " as rotborstar , flour brushes & disktvagor . Lantraskinn & leather scalecow and rödkulla . Goat leather & leather to costume and furniture. You will find scharkuterier as Utmarkskorv , fjällkosalami , rödkullering , grönpepparwurst . Pasture products such as cheese, småost , gubbost , whey cheese and juniper drink. On the farm lives many animals like Gotland Russ with foal, Oxe, Jak , Värmlänska skogsfår and kids .

Order like scharkuteri & fäboproducts for celebrations.
Camp Facilities.
Lectures " The man who hike in September " + film for bus tours .
Fäbocoffe and bakeries & dinner etc
Bertil Tel.073 -588 61 74.

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  • Summer
  • Children/Family