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Fjätervålen ski school

Here you can book ski school directly, below you will see the different groups available for children and adults.



Group ski school for children 4-7 years, 4 days, Monday - Thursday, 60 minutes per lesson.

Snowmen: We play with the skis and during the week we try to learn to brake and swing. No experience is needed to be a snowman. However, you must be 4 years old.

Snow stars green: We continue to practice braking and turning, but we can manage ourselves in the children's slope. Here you will need to handle a lightweight child lift and you can brake and swing in a light slope before the start of the course.

Snow stars blue: We travel in the big slopes just like all adults do. We can handle different button lifts and take us down to the big slopes by ourselves. Here we train on the balance and everything else that belongs to skiing.

Snow stars red: Tougher than snow stars blue. Slightly higher pace, slightly bigger challenges but still with the game in the center.

Group ski school children 8 - 12 years, 4 days, Monday - Thursday, 60 minutes per lesson.

"Smygare": We learn everything from scratch. Brake, swing, ride a lift and jump. When we start, we are beginners, but after the end of the week we will be able to handle the long slopes.

Slider: Can you swing, brake in a blue slope and take the button lift yourself, but want to get faster and safer, so go here. We train balance, swing, jump and our laughing muscles

Swingers: Here we go farther, jump a bit higher and enjoy a little steeper slopes.

Fräsare: Now we go everywhere, you have very good control but want to be even better. Here we go so it smokes on the skis. We fine-tune skiing technology with different methods.

Group ski school adult, 3 days, Monday - Wednesday, 60 minutes per lesson.

Beginner: For those who want to get professional help right away. We will help you over the first fear and then all the challenges of the ski world will be open.

Continuation: You can swing parallel skis in blue hill but want to take a step further. A little more speed, flow and less lactic acid in the legs.

Advanced: For those who want to develop their skiing another step.

Snowboard, 3 days, Monday - Wednesday, 60 minutes per lesson. From 9 years and upwards.

Step 1: Have you never gone before but think it looks fun. We will learn the basics. We do not promise you learn without pain but we know that the pain goes over.

Step 2: We train on with more speed and bolder turns. Maybe we'll take some jumps and rails in the park. You will be a better and safer snowboarder.

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