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Fjälläventyr - overnight stay with "full board" - Sälen

With Fjälläventyr's overnight stay with "full board" you get your backpack home at Fjälläventyr in Lindvallen, then enjoy your own mountain hike with a reasonable distance from civilization



Together with Fjälläventyr's knowledgeable guides, you decide the route in advance and set the level so that it becomes adventurous but safe for all participants.
You get a map with tips on nice tent sites along the path, places where you can be peace and feel like one with the wilderness. The price includes all equipment that you need to rent and buy for the trip. Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, backpacks and kitchen equipment can be rented and left behind after the trip and in the price includes the food you eat and a travel package that you keep for future adventures.

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