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Fjälläventyr - Hiking with dog

Fjälläventyr - has for several years offered Sälen's guests to try out how it is to have a dog.



The dogs are incredibly accustomed to and happy with the company of people, therefore they are well suited to follow on mountain tours or just tow on the lawn. You will of course get all the necessary information and food and equipment for the dog. Should you be interested in renting the dog for a longer period, it also goes well.
The walk dogs have undergone special training and are also specially selected to suit most families. To rent a dog you need to contact by email or telephone no later than the day before. The dog comes and picks you up at Lindvallen.
Dogs love play, exercise and loving companionship.
Give your holiday a little more of it!

Faciliteter och service

  • Children/Family
  • Summer