CBIS 2998520


A FatBike has wide tires and allows cycling in environments which previously were unavailable to cyclists, such as snow and ice.



FatBike in Sälen

Sälens Äventyrsbana is the first Swedish operator that offers FatBike tours and we do so in the fantastic fell environment of Sälen.

Our long trip takes you up on the mountain with a tour guide. You are able to cycle in nature which you usually only reach on cross country skis or snowmobiles. We take a coffee (or lunch).

If you are curious about FatBikes but are unsure if the mountain trip is for you, we also offer a shorter trip some days.

For bookings and more information, please visit www.salenaktiv.se or call us.

A little information about Fatbike:
Although this type of MTB has its roots in the 80's, the interest in it increased just recently throughout the world.

The origin is somewhat unknown, but it was created for the use on difficult surfaces.
A version designed to run on snow and ice was developed by Simon Rakower in Alaska. Another version was created to be used in the desert of Ray Molina in Southwest United States.

It was only in the 2000s that the company Surly started with a larger series of a FatBike: The Pugsley.
Now, several major bike brands have followed and of many the FatBike is considered to be the next major MTB trend.

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