View over the big hole Stora Stöten at Falun Copper mine.

Falun Mine / World Heritage Site

The mining area of the Great Copper Mine in Falun is a World Heritage site and a must-do when visiting Falun. 70% of the world’s copper was once produced here and can you imagine what the working conditions were like.


Imagine no more. Take on a hard hat, on with a rain cape and take the underground guided tour of the mine, it’s brilliant. Wander the breathtaking depths and vast halls and check out the rickety wooden ladders that some poor soul had to climb in days gone by.

Above ground you can take the kids to the Children’s Mine attraction. For facts, figures, presentations, and the social and economic impact the mining operations had on Falun, Sweden and the world, visit the World Heritage Centre. If this all leaves you feeling hungry make a pit stop at one of the cafés and restaurant. Talking of pits, make sure you see the Great Pit, the result of a collapse at the mine in 1687.

Opening hours Visitors Center:
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19 august - 29 september monday-friday 10:00-16:00, saturday-sunday 10:00-15:00.
Closed midsummers eve, christmas eve, christmas day, new years eve and new years day.

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