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Falu Gruva, guided tours at a World Heritage sight

Welcome to the Falun Mine! The visit to the mine appears our guests around in tunnels, shafts and weights from the past. Breathtaking deep and vast halls welcomes visitors. Tools, ladders and stair ways of the past gives eloquent testimony to the hard work



Around the Great Pit's beautiful mining buildings, wells, benches, and pivot.
Mining Museum complements the story with stunning models, etc.

Recommended time to spend in the field of Falun Mine is 3-4 hours in sommertima and about 1.5 hours during the winter months.

Start your journey of discovery in the World Heritage House, book a guided Mine tour (1hr), visit the Mining Museum, walk the walk around the open pit mining Great Pit (1.5 miles), coffee or lunch, visit one of the area's shops or craftsmen. The supply of mining area varies somewhat during the season, much is open daily year round.

Faciliteter och service

  • Children/Family
  • Summer
  • Winter