Cross-country tracks in Rännkölen

Rännkölen is situated 640 meters above sea level and gets natural snow early in the season. The tracks are made as soon as possible. Early in the season the tracks are on the roads and later on the marshes.



There´s different tracks depending on the snow assets. Normally there's one five kilometers track and one ten kilometers with an extension on the road with ten kilometers extra. Race tracks are only prepared when needed, when the races in Älvdalen move up to Rännkölen.

After the skiing you can relax in the small cottage which is heated. Track fee is paid by cash in the hut.

Faciliteter och service

  • Winter


From Älvdalen centre: Drive north, in Rot, turn right towards Sveg. In the next crossing, follow signs towards Sveg. After about 5 kilometers, turn right towards Ribbåsen. When in Ribbåsen, turn right and follow the road straight forward until it ends.