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Canoeing and kayaking in Stöten, Sälen

Stöten Camping has several fine canoes and kayaks for rent and the area offers excellent opportunities for canoeing through beautiful scenery. You can choose to paddle for a half or full day, or an overnight tour. You follow the river from Norway to Sweden. You will get a ride to the start and you paddle back to the campsite.



Whether you like to float along in stillness, or prefer to gush forth for whatever paddles are, you can get just the tour you want while staying at Stöten Camping. Bring a picnic and soak up the canoe on a beautiful place and stay for a while. Or bring fishing rods and make a stop for fishing along the way. The rental would gladly recommend different tours depending on the weather, your experience and time you want to be out. Please see below examples:

Half Day tour
From Stöten Camping transport by minibus about 10 km to Ljördalen in Norway. You will be given paddling instructions and life jackets.
Here starts the lovely canoe ride where you in your own tempo paddle through rapids or calm water for about 3 hours. The tour ends at Stöten Camping.

Full Day tour
Full day tours are operated by appointment only. From Stöten Camping transport by minibus to Ljördalen in Norway, about 20 km. Here you will be given paddling instructions and life jackets.
Make your way down in your own pace, you will have a nice and diverse tour with both rushing and calm water, all set in beautiful nature. The tour ends at Stöten Camping.
Basic canoeing experience is required for this tour.

Overnight tour
Embarking on an Overnight canoeing tour has become increasingly popular. While staying at the Stöten Camping you will get help with the arrangements. During the first day of the tour you will paddle for a day with stops for fishing. If you are lucky you can have grayling or trout to grill or smoke when you stop to camp for the night. Stöten Camping provides a hut to camp in, or can show you good places to put up your own tent on. The next day you will continue to canoe in our beautiful countryside.

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