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The Balzer Maiden

  • Price information: A silver coin

- A place of sacrifice between Svartberg and Balser. On the site there is an old stump dressed in women's clothing, after a girl who, according to the legend, lost her life here.



Deep in the woods, between the chalets Svartberg and Balser, by the crossroads to Nupp, there is a stump dressed in women's clothing. The figure is called "The Balzer Maiden" (Swedish: Balzerjungfrun) and stands on the place as a memory of a young woman who once lost her life here, according to the legend. The young woman's clothing was taken back to the place in the woods where she died, as a memory. She was also given a purse where hikers should offer a silver coin when they pass. If not, the legend says that the Balzer Maiden will make a curse happen. The purse should also, according to the legend, be emptied on her death day at the church i Älvdalen.

Next to the maiden there is also a sacrifice place, where the hikers use to leave a stone or a piece of wood on. This is an old tradition, older than the Balzer Maiden, which is for the hikers to not get tired on the way.

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  • Children/Family
  • Fall Holiday
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From Älvdalen: Drive North on road RV70, turn right towards Sveg/Klitten. Take a left towards Sveg and follow the road for about 15 kilometers. Take a left to "Svartbergsvägen", the road is in the middle of a sharp curve. Keep to the left and continue on svartbergsvägen up to Svartberg. You can park at the turnback beside the little red house. From there you follow the orange, red and yellow markings and the signs saying "Balzerjungfrun". The hike is about 2 kilometers.
The red/yellow markings is for the Rombo pilgrimage trail, which the Balzer maiden trail shares path with.