CBIS 6192411

Baking Granma Karin's bread.

The Sisters Holding bake the best bread with you, just as they learned from Grandma Karin



In the middle of fabulous village Siljansnäs, at the fine church, there is a small bakery cottage where the heat spreads from the wood-fired stone oven. Here you get to bake bread in the old way after a recipe from the sisters grandmother Karin. Seasoning, tasty, traditional baking bun and flatbread. Each Siljansnäsby has its own recipe for the bread which is baked for great festive celebrations such as weddings, Christmas and midsummer. The dough is kneaded until it becomes smooth and fine, it gets rolled and picked, and baked in the light of the burning firewood.

Join a 4-hour course. You join in all the steps and go home with bread under your arm and rosy warm cheeks! Welcome with your booking!

Behind this traditional backyard workshop are the sisters Jessika and Sabina Holding. For everyday life, they work as furniture decorators and seamstresses in Siljansnäs, and their passion for the art of backing will surely infect them. Sisters Holding loves to bake this way ...
At least 4 participants are needed for the activity to be implemented.


Address: Prästbacken / Siljansnäs
Directions: From Leksand or Mora follow signs towards Siljansnäs / Siljansnäs church
You meet up at the church parking in the middle of the village.
We lend an apron.