Experience Zorn

Rum inne på Zorn gården.

Anders Zorn

Visit the home of the national painter Anders Zorn - Zorngården and the Zorn Museum in central Mora.

In the center of Mora, right next to the church lies Zorngården - Anders and Emma Zorns home. During a guided tour, you will be able to experience the couple's home and an amount of Anders works, objects from trips around the world, and get insight into how life was at the courtyard in the early 20th century. Next to Zorngården is the museum which, in addition to Zorn's own watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings, also temporary guest shows and themed exhibitions.

Beautifully located Siljan beach in Mora lies Zorns gammelgård and Textilkammaren, an open-air museum where you as a visitor get a sense of how life was in the past. Here you can also experience the Time Trip - a story adventure, where you can follow a historical journey from the Middle Ages to the 1870s. Gammelgården, Textilkammaren and the Time Trip are open in summer.

Visiting Gopsmor is like getting straight into a zorn board. In the middle of the forest, right by the Österdalälven beach between Mora and Älvdalen, are the timbered houses that represented Zorn's "wilderness plateau". Here also some of his most famous paintings were added.

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