Ylva writing.

Ylva Skarp

Using simple tools like pens and brushes, the calligrapher and designer Ylva Skarp has created a personal art style that has taken the world by storm. She creates pictures with letters - sometimes minimal and elegant, other times it's raw and powerful on everything from canvases to everyday objects. Ylva Skarps version of modern Swedish handicraft creates a irresistible mixture of skill, humor and intuition.



Ylvas own words:

- I'm drawn to the unexpected and the unpredictable, I can't stand perfection - things need to be a little irregular.

- I like the thought of creating a striking image that also conveys a message

Educated at Roehampton Institute in London, Ylva Skarp has worked 25 years as a professional calligraphy artist and designer. Ylva lives and operates in Leksand, Dalarna, where she runs Studio Skarp - atelier, showroom & shop.

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