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Vildmark i Dalarna

Wildlife up close in Dalarna

Dalarna is rich in wildlife. Bears, wolves, elk, wolverine, lynx and eagle owls can all be found in the county.

If you want to see animals up close, especially some of the threatened species, they can be found at Orsa Rovdjurspark (predators park) or Avesta Visentpark (bison park), or why not take a wildlife safari with an experienced guide?

Amazing Bisons 
Bison (European bison) are fascinating, powerful animals that lived in Sweden in the Bronze Age. The species is threatened with extinction but in Avesta work is underway to save them. Visitors to Avesta Visentpark travel back to the dawn of time, get to learn about the bison and see the animals roaming in the enclosed pasture. If you’re lucky you may see one of the calves that are born in the park every year. There is also a Bison Café serving snacks and light lunches. 

King of the forest 
Known as the king of the forest, elk, or moose, can be seen at several places in Dalarna on elk safaris, some by minibus. A visit to one of the region’s two elk parks will bring you in close contact with the magnificent animals. Långshyttans Älgpark is a family-friendly park where you can stroke and feed the elks. The owner, Daniel Svensson, loves guiding visitors and talking about these wonderful animals and their characteristics. At the Älgpark& Huskyfarm in Öjvallberget in north Dalarna you can stroke the tame elks, Bosse and Lena, and see their calves. You can also see huskies, Jämtland goats and a reindeer here. 

Mysterious beavers 
The beaver, a shy and diligent animal, can grow up to 75 cm long, tail excluded. Bring your binoculars and go on a beaver safari. Several places in Dalarna offer beaver safaris, often by canoe. One of the companies offering this experience is Nordic Discovery who operates in the nature reserve Malingsbo-Kloten. Their guide will tell you all about this mysterious animal while you are enjoying a picnic before you silently head off to the beaver habitat. 

Learn all about bear life 
The company Björn & Vildmark organises excursions in Orsa finnmark, an area that has the densest bear population in Sweden. This is a unique opportunity to meet with Andrea and Gunther who have been working with bear research since 1998. You will learn how research on wildlife bears is done before you head for the bear area, visiting a recently used den and other interesting spots where bears have been during a longer period and where you will find lots of tracks from them. 

Get close to the predators
Orsa Rovdjurspark offers a unique opportunity to see large predators like bears, wolves, lynx and wolverine in their natural habitat. It is also home to Siberian tigers and leopards, as well as Polar World, the world’s largest polar bear facility. You can also see the Kodiak bear – the world’s largest land predator. Covering 325,000 m², the bear park is the largest in Europe and the viewing platforms and walkways let visitors see the animals up close. The park also has guided tours and exhibitions. 

There are various playgrounds in the park which are designed for teaching about animals and nature in a playful way. You will also find an enjoyable obstacle course near the Kodiak area.

Family fun

Meet the ostriches at Sahlins Struts
Enjoy a memorable family day out at the Sahlin family´s ostrich farm outside Borlänge. Join an ostrich safari, see the world´s biggest ostrich egg, eat ostrich egg ice cream, grilled ostrich burgers and enjoy the other activities here. 

Stroke the farm animals at Tage and Maria´s farm Stora Lunån. There are lots of friendly farm animals who like to be stroked and you can see the Swedish mountain cows outside the farm dairy where cheese is made. Have a coffee and homemade cake in the garden and try some of their own cheese from the farm shop.

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