Welcome to Rörbäcksnäs, Sälen

The little village with the big cycling. Rörbäcksnäs is a small village located 35 km west of Sälen on the Norwegian border, we have fantastic cycling on fine and well-marked trails.



In Rörbäcksnäs we have since the summer of 2007 put a focus on cross country trails for mountain biking, the goal has been to offer fun and fast cycling on well-signed trails that most MTB riders should be able to cope and thrive on. A large volunteer work has been conducted to reconnoitre and mark up the various joints. All trails consist mostly of joints. The season normally extends from mid-May to mid / late October. We are constantly trying to continue to develop the trails with new options, in order to get more people to try out mountain biking. The trails starts from the school in the middle of Rörbäcksnäs village, but two trails start at Hundfjälllet and goes against Rörbäcksnäs.


  • Summer